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Developers: CD PROJEKT RED
Publishers: CD PROJEKT RED
Release date: 2020 (December 10)
Genre: Action, Role-playing
Crack status: Cracked
Hardware: Windows PC
Downloads: 6522

No one can argue that Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the worst debuts a video game of its scale could have had, despite its massive success in sales. But that's just the nature of what Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be compared to what it ended up being. Is the situation any different now that the game has been out for more than six months? Is Cyberpunk 2077 worth the money, particularly if you're playing on a console?? The short answer is - not quite. Improved performance and stability have only added to Cyberpunk 2077's already impressive gameplay. No free DLC or expansions promised before to launch have been provided by developer CD Projekt Red, who seems to be focusing most of their efforts on repairing the core game.

Cyberpunk 2077 download
Download Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 Free Download

At Microsoft's E3 2018 expo, the first in-game video of Cyberpunk 2077 was shown, with real gameplay released a few months later. The game's initial demonstration consisted of a roughly hour-long demo showcasing its unique open world and showcasing the game's many components. It wasn't until the next E3 that we learned that Keanu Reeves will be a major co-protagonist in the game, and it was a momentous occasion. When CD Projekt Red's last game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was a massive hit, it seemed like nothing could go wrong with this one, right?

Cyberpunk 2077 download free

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There were a lot of mishaps, to say the least. Broken promises, terrible in-game performance, and an overall sense that the game was launched before it was ready were just some of the issues that plagued the release of the game. After more than four delays, Cyberpunk 2077 was released in December 2020, and the launch week was a mixture of enthusiasm and trepidation. The initial wave of reviews of the game were restricted to discussing the PC version alone, with CD Projekt Red requiring that only B-roll given by the studio be utilized. When the game was on sale, no one could see any issues that the game had, and no one could tell how well or poorly consoles were doing until the game was released.

Cyberpunk 2077 PC download

Everyone knows that the game's performance on PS4 and Xbox One was horrible. On both platforms, the game was aiming at 30 frames per second at 1080p, but would fall short on both counts. A glitch plagued the game even when it was operating well, preventing players from advancing in many tasks. Sony has no choice but to withdraw the game from its PlayStation shop, something we haven't seen in a long time with a major AAA title. Despite the fact that the game was just recently brought back to shop shelves, it came with a warning for those using a basic model PS4 system. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles may now play the game through backwards compatibility, since a native current-generation version is still under development. However, on modern systems, the game runs significantly better, aiming for 60fps and achieving it. Of course, the enhanced hardware of the new consoles is to blame for a large portion of the new consoles' advancements.

Full game features

Here are some game features you are going to experience after downloading Cyberpunk 2077 full game for free and running it on your PC with windows OS. In the multiplayer arena, a slew of new minigames are introduced. Take a look at what else is out there:

  • Make yourself known on the streets of Night City as an urban mercenary armed with cybernetic modifications and earn your reputation.
  • You'll find yourself in a gigantic open environment that sets new benchmarks in terms of aesthetics, intricacy and depth in Night City.
  • Go after the prototype implant that holds the secret to eternal life in the riskiest task of your life.

How to download and install

  1. To download Cyberpunk 2077, make sure that you have uTorrent client installed on your PC.
  2. Find the download button in the bottom part of the page, and press it.
  3. The downloading process should start.

PC specs for Cyberpunk 2077

Before initiating Cyberpunk 2077 free download on your computer, make sure that your system meets the minimal requirements to install and play the game!

Operating System
Windows 7 (64-bit version)
Processing Unit
Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
Graphics Card
GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon RX 470
Random Acess Memory
Free Space
Game requires at least 110 GB of free space

Cyberpunk 2077 PC Free Download

In this section you can download Cyberpunk 2077 (2020) for free. This game is developed by CD PROJEKT RED and published by CD PROJEKT RED.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshots

Before downloading Cyberpunk 2077, check out some screenshots from this game below.

Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077Cyberpunk 2077
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