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Developers: IO Interactive
Publishers: IO Interactive
Release date: 2021 (January 20)
Genre: Action, Stealth
Crack status: Cracked
Hardware: Windows PC
Downloads: 13322

When Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood defected from the International Contract Agency during the events of Hitman 2, they formed an alliance to destroy Providence, an organization of corporate leaders and industrialists that together wield political, military and financial power. In the meanwhile, 47 and Grey are out to get vengeance on Providence for making them both assassins, but Diana is driven by the loss of her parents, who were murdered by 47 without her knowledge. It was the Constant, a Providence middleman who had identified the three Partners in charge of Providence: Carl Ingram, Marcus Stuyvesant, and Alexa Carlisle, who had been abducted by the three conspirators. In the end, Edwards made a break for freedom, seizing the Partners' business assets in the process.

Hitman 3 download
Download Hitman 3
Hitman 3 Free Download

47 and Grey team up to assassinate Ingram and Stuyvesant in Dubai during the Scepter's inauguration, and then track down Carlisle and kill her in Dartmoor at her family estate. Once Edwards has taken over Providence, he hires mercenaries to kidnap Grey and Diana for ransom. Grey takes his own life to guarantee that 47 will never be apprehended. Grey's sole other trusted buddy, hacker Olivia Hall, meets 47 in Berlin. 47 and Hall resolve to put an end to the International Contract Agency by exposing its misdeeds to the public after realizing that the agency is after them and killing 10 agents hired to do so. 47 kills Hush and Imogen Royce, the ICA's data storage center in Chongqing, China, enabling Hall to collect and publish all of the ICA's operational data while erasing all of his and Diana's personal information. 47's career as a professional assassin is over once the ICA is tainted and dissolved.

Hitman 3 download free

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He hopes to get her to betray 47 by disclosing the death of her parents, but Edwards is also trying to convince Diana into replacing him as Constant. For some reason, Diana appears to be playing both sides of the fence when she accepts Edwards's offer while also inviting 47 to a Providence members' gathering in Mendoza, Argentina, where he is given explicit instructions to eliminate the only people standing in the way of Diana's succession: Tamara Vidal and Don Yates. After Diana poisons him in retaliation for the death of her parents, 47's long-standing faith in Diana is finally undermined.

Hitman 3 PC download

That Diana did not betray him in a dream, but rather helped him get closer to Edwards, 47 is convinced of this by a vision of Grey Edwards is on board the train with 47, who wakes up in solitary confinement in the Carpathian Mountains. Despite the fact that Edwards wants to use a serum injection to erase 47's memories and make him an assassin for Providence once again by erasing his mind, 47 breaks free, either kills or injures Edwards, and escapes into the wild. Consolidating the power structure of Providence is now impossible since Diana has taken over as Constant and enacted a purge of Providence members from top positions at key global businesses. Once again, assassin 47 and handler Diana return to their jobs as handler and handler, respectively, in order to keep the global elite in check a year after their first encounter with each other

Edwards' voice tells 47 that if he injects himself with the serum while facing him, he would fall unconscious and wake up in a padded room "It's time to get up and move about. My buddy, get up and go to sleep. When the sun rises, you have a list of things to do "—a la Hitman: Codename 47's first moments of action.

Full game features

Here are some game features you are going to experience after downloading Hitman 3 full game for free and running it on your PC with windows OS. In the multiplayer arena, a slew of new minigames are introduced. Take a look at what else is out there:

  • For the most crucial contracts of his career, Agent 47 returns in HITMAN 3 for the most gruesome murders that will forever alter the course of history. Join Agent 47 on a thrilling journey through the World of Assassins and find out what happens next. Death looms large.
  • Complete contracts all around the globe on flexible maps that allow for a plethora of configurations. In HITMAN 3, the plot is entirely reliant on the decisions of the player, and each playing is really unique because to IOI's famed Glacier technology.
  • It's a terrific opportunity to revisit the "World of Assassins" trilogy in HITMAN 3. For those who already own HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2, loading the levels into HITMAN 3 is free and your accomplishments from HITMAN 2 will be transferred to HITMAN 3 when the new component is released.

How to download and install

  1. To download Hitman 3, make sure that you have uTorrent client installed on your PC.
  2. Find the download button in the bottom part of the page, and press it.
  3. The downloading process should start.

PC specs for HITMAN 3

Before initiating HITMAN 3 free download on your computer, make sure that your system meets the minimal requirements to install and play the game!

Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit version)
Processing Unit
Intel CPU Core i5-2500K or AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940
Graphics Card
GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7870.
Random Acess Memory
Free Space
Game requires at least 80 GB of free space

HITMAN 3 PC Free Download

In this section you can download HITMAN 3 (2021) for free. This game is developed by IO Interactive and published by IO Interactive.

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HITMAN 3 Screenshots

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