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Developers: Sucker Punch Productions
Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: 2020 (July 17)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Crack status: Cracked
Downloads: 14469

In Ghost of Tsushima, the player assumes the role of a third-person action-adventure character. Wind direction may be used as a guide to explore a wide open area, which has no apparent markers on the HUD. Horseback rides are available for players to explore the island. To go to places that are out of reach, you may use a grappling hook. The player may engage with non-playable characters and side tasks throughout the game.

Ghost of Tsushima download
Download Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima Free Download

Players may use their katana to execute a sequence of lethal blows on a predetermined number of foes in a stand off, or direct encounter. Bows, which may shoot a variety of arrows, are also at the player's disposal. Firecrackers and smoke bombs may be used to create diversions or to disorient alerted adversaries, while kunai can be used for attacking numerous enemies at once. Side missions offer one-on-one combat with non-playable characters.

Ghost of Tsushima download free

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Various sets of armor, clothes, and charms may be unlocked by players. Each set has its own set of advantages that may be used in fight. Some armor lessens the amount of damage received, while others enhance the amount of health or the amount of damage that may be dealt to a character in combat. There are a number of ways to improve most sets of armor and clothes in the game. Those who wear headgear and face masks are just concerned with their appearance. You may obtain charms through exploring and using them to improve your overall gameplay, such as lowering damage taken, decreasing opponent detection speed, or boosting the amount of health you regain from healing.

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 download

All non-boss encounters in the game's most realistic difficulty option are resolved with one or two successful cuts by either the player or the enemy. In late 2020, a multiplayer mode dubbed Legends was introduced. Story quests based on Japanese mythology may be completed with a friend. Players in a four-person party may also engage in horde mode, which pits them against waves of swarming foes. The addition of a raid came after the first release of Legends.

Full game features

Here are some game features you are going to experience after downloading Ghost of Tsushima full game for free and running it on your PS4 with Firmware 7.55:

  • Throughout this open-world action adventure, you'll meet colorful personalities, explore old sites, and uncover the hidden beauty of Tsushima.
  • Jin must rely on the help of both old and new friends in his efforts to retake Tsushima. Breaking with tradition, becoming a new kind of warrior, and defending what's left of his land are the only options available to him.
  • Engage in sword fight with other samurai, master the bow and learn to ambush and disorient your adversaries with unexpected assaults using stealth methods.

How to download

  1. To download Ghost of Tsushima, make sure that you have uTorrent client installed on your PS4.
  2. Find the download button in the bottom part of the page, and press it.
  3. The downloading process should start.

PS4 Requirements

The PS4 Exploit Host (copy this URL to browser - requires a PS4 with Firmware 7.55 and a computer to operate it.

How to install

  1. Installing Unpack PS4 Exploit Host on your PC.
  2. Use your computer's IP address and DNS servers on your PS4.
  3. Your USB drive/key should be formatted to the exFAT file system.
  4. It is recommended that you place our.pkg file at the root of your USB drive/key.
  5. You should connect your USB drive/key to a PS4 USB port.
  6. Go to 'Settings', 'User's Guide' on your PS4.
  7. Initiate the current HEN attack.
  8. Go to Debug Settings / Game / Package Installer in the game.
  9. Start the game by downloading and installing our.pkg file.

PS4 specs for Ghost of Tsushima

Before initiating Ghost of Tsushima free download on your computer, make sure that your system meets the minimal requirements to install and play the game!

Operating System
Processing Unit
Graphics Card
Random Acess Memory
Free Space
Game requires at least of free space

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Free Download

In this section you can download Ghost of Tsushima (2020) for free. This game is developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Ghost of Tsushima v1.0 DUPLEX

Ghost of Tsushima Update v1.12 DUPLEX

Ghost of Tsushima DLC Unlocker DUPLEX

Ghost of Tsushima Screenshots

Before downloading Ghost of Tsushima, check out some screenshots from this game below.

Ghost of TsushimaGhost of TsushimaGhost of Tsushima
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Ghost of Tsushima v1.0 DUPLEX

Ghost of Tsushima Update v1.12 DUPLEX

Ghost of Tsushima DLC Unlocker DUPLEX
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