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Ghost of Tsushima Download

Developers: Sucker Punch Productions
Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: 2020 (July 17)
Genre: Action, Adventure
Crack status: Cracked

End of 13th century Mongol conquest of Eastern Europe saw the destruction of whole countries by their hordes. A vast Mongol invasion fleet, commanded by the merciless and clever commander Khotun Khan, is all that stands between mainland Japan and Tsushima Island. samurai Jin Sakai stands as one of the few surviving members of his clan after the first wave of Mongol invasion on the island. To defend his people and recover his homeland, he is prepared to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. To win the independence of Tsushima, he must abandon the traditions that have moulded him as a warrior and build a new road, the path of the Ghost.

Action | Views: 14805 | Downloads: 0 | Date: 2021-11-23 | Comments (1)